*More Angle-head Mods*
By Taisch

Here are a few more modifications for those wonderful (ehh?) angle-head flashlights.

First, the body of those flashlights has a lot of shine due to the highly reflective plastic that they are made of. Scuffing these up with a bit of medium grit sandpaper, i.e. 300-400 grit, or sandblasting them for just a second at low pressure, will get rid of that shine.

Second, the reflector and lens of the flashlight can reflect light even when you don't want them to, attracting attention and giving away your position. This can be cut down considerably by cutting out a piece of an old pair of nylons or support hose, or even a piece of light-weight camo-cloth. Remove the lens ring and slip this cloth over the lens or over the add-on filter, then screw back on. Be careful that you have trimmed closely enough that the bezel will be able to screw back into place, and take care that the cloth doesn't 'scrunch' up and come out.

Third, using the anti-infrared green filter and a black filter cover, you can make a substitute 'firefly' by drilling a small hole in the black plastic filter cover and placing it with the green filter in the filter holder. Turn it on halfway, and when you press your 'blink' switch you have your firefly.

Fourth, sometimes batteries move around in the body of the light and cause a rattling sound or a flickering light. Taking the two batteries and taping them together with duct tape or large shrink tubing stops the movement. You can create a reusable tube by not shrinking the tube all the way, or using a layer of tape sticky side out, then wrapping it with a layer sticky side in. Note: only do this if you have the rattling or flickering problems, otherwise you may make it more difficult to remove your dead batteries.

Fifth, grease up those threads and gaskets with silicon grease (found in diving stores). It only takes a thin coat but keeps the water out and makes them very easy to take apart.


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