*Modified Pack Frame*
By SirJohn

For those that would like to modify their existing mil-spec pack frame, it is a simple operation ( if I can do it Iím sure  you can do it too ). The tools that are needed are: a drill with a small drill-bit, hacksaw, pop rivet gun with rivets, and a tape measure .

First, drill out the rivets on each side of the bottom. ( This is where your kidney pad hooks on to ) . This will be a total of  9 rivets - 4 rivets on each side and 1 in the middle . Once you have removed the base you measure from the top of the frame (Where your shoulder straps hook to) down 15 inches. Mark both sides, but not the flat bar in the middle. Use the hacksaw to saw off the outside of the frame. Once you have completed this smooth the cut with a file and fit your base back on the frame. At this time you mark the center flat bar so it will fit snug with the bottom of the base. Remove the base and saw off the flat bar, and smooth out the cut . Now you are ready to install the base . When you get the base where you want it drill the holes for the pop rivets and use the pop rivet gun to secure them in place . You should see a noticeable difference in the length . Also it will allow you to use the shelf if needed.


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