This month we will be covering the Mossberg Model 500 series of Shotguns. These weapons are fast becoming the shotgun of choice for survivalist. They are surpassing the Remington 870 for several reasons.

The Model 500 series comes in many different models. The one most suitable for survivalist is the Model 590. This is the shotgun that the United States military is currently using. It comes ready for combat use right out of the box. It has the following standard features. First is a metal shroud barrel shroud that protects exposed flesh from the barrel. Second is that it is equipped with sling swivels. This is a feature that should be on all longarms. Ever tried to carry a longarm when climbing or repelling. Third is this weapon is equipped with a 9 round capacity magazine tube as standard without having to add a magazine extension tube. Fourth is the fact that it only weighs 7 pounds empty. This is one pound lighter than the Remington 870 with 5 round magazine. The downside of this is that recoil is felt a little more. Fifth is the fact that the shell lifter feeds the shells straight into the barrel and not at an angle like the Remington 870. This aids in the smooth operation of the action. Sixth is the shell stops are operator removeable when detail stripping the weapon and are replaceable by the operator anywhere without needing any tools. Seventh is the standard parkerized finish that is more durable in the field than standard blueing. Eighth is the standard synthetic stock is VERY durable. Ninth is the ambidextrious safety on top of the receiver is very handy for all that use it. Tenth is the fact that all 590's accept both 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells. I have loaded a mixed magazine tube of both sizes of shells and the weapon functioned flawlessly. And finally last but not least is the fact that this Model is equipped with a bayonet lug for mounting a M-16 bayonet to the weapon. This feature is especially useful for all those drive by bayonettings we have heard so much about.

Other options available for the Mossberg Model 590 are Ghostring sights, Speedfeed buttstock, Integral flashlight or laser, and pistol grip only rear stock.

The cost of this weapon is usually around $150 less than the Remington 870 without the necessary add ons. The Mossberg 590 can be found for under $300 new in some areas.

Now as to modifications I would make to a 590 when I buy one. First I would change the plastic safety button with a after market steel one. Second is I would replace the magazine tube follower with a high visibility follower made by Choate. Both are available from Brownells.

Do I like it and would I buy one, the answer is YES!!!

I would like to take this time to wish all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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