*Mounting a Scope on an SKS*
By: GreyLocke
15 July 2003

Like many people, Iím getting older. Iíve needed glasses since Junior High, as I get older they keep getting thicker. With Astigmatism in my right (shooting) eye, I couldnít enjoy shooting as much as I used to. So I started looking for a reasonably priced scope for my SKS. After looking around at various mounts and scopes, I found a set from CDNN, which was priced reasonably, (under $50.00) and would require no major modifications to my rifle. The set is a 4X28 Chinese scope with mount, already installed on a new receiver cover.

Installation is a simple matter of removing my original receiver cover, and installing the new cover with scope and mount.

It was a bit difficult to get it sighted in as the rail on which the scope is mounted can be slid from side to side, at the rear of the mount. But for what I paid for it, and the enjoyment I get out of actually hitting the target at 150 yards again, itís worth it.

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