*Ruger P-90 .45*
By: Eli

I've been carrying a Ruger P-90 for about a year and a half. I've put alot of rounds through it and have only had 1 jam. It cleared with the "slap, rack, shoot" method. I believe the jam was due to my "ker-plinking" ammo. I use the cheaper stuff for the gravel pit.

The P-90 has served me well. I carry it everyday except for at work. I'm in the Coast Guard and they frown upon firearms on the premesis. (Kinda funny...I'm more heavily armed when I'm off duty than when I'm on duty for the armed forces. What's wrong w/ this picture?)

Some things that I like about the weapon are the size. It's a little large and heavy and tricky to fully conceal, but it fits very comfortably into my hand. The trigger squeeze is loose. I tried a Sig Sauer once. I liked it, except for the trigger...it's really really tight.(On the double-action I shot worms) I prefer a loose trigger. The P-90 at double-action stays very accurate, even better at single-action. It's very simple to disassemble and reassemble. I've practiced breaking it completely down and putting it all back together again in the dark. Also being a large frame weapon it is easier to draw with the reactionary hand than a small compact weapon. I like to carry on my strong side hip, but in the event that my strong hand becomes immobilized, I can reach around my back and still get ahold of it, draw and fire. It takes a little practice, but is do-able. A small compact is hard to get a grip on reaching around my back.

Mechanically it is a very reliable hand gun.

Some disadvantages are that the standard magazine is 7 rounds. I like to carry as much ammo as possible. True, if you need more than 7+1 rounds you're a horrible shot or you're in a small war, but you never know. I finally found a 8 round mag and paid $35.00 for it. I carry the 7's as extra.

Holster's a hard to find. Guns such as Glock, H&K etc you can get about any type/style of holster you want with ease. I have had no luck trying to find a small of the back (SOB) holster for it. I also can't find a side rig w/o a t-break for it. Can't find an accumold that will fit it either.

Night-sights are hard to come by. I haven't had any luck finding them either and am still looking.

That's my views on the Ruger P-90, all in all it is a very nice dependable weapon and I trust it with my life.

Safety slogan: Like, be safe and stuff.

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