*Cleaning a Pistol*

Field Cleaning

By Eli

24 April 2003


There are 2 ways to clean a firearm. Field cleaning and the pull it all apart and clean it real good method.

Sorry, I canít remember all the proper & correct terminology.

I donít condone these new pull through barrel cleaners that look like tampons, they clean the barrel out (half fast), but they donít clean anything else.

Hereís how to field clean a Ruger P-90. Different pistols come apart in different ways, but they all clean the same.


Be sure you know how the firearm comes apart before you attempt to take it apart. If you donít, the barrel could go flying off the front of the frame. If you release the slide lock and the disassembly lever is in the "take it apart" position the barrel WILL go flying across the room.
Unloaded weapon
Always be sure to safely unload the weapon before attempting any repairs.
  1. Point the weapon in a safe direction
  2. Engage the SAFETY!!!!
  3. Remove the magazine
  4. Pull the slide back which will eject the chambered round. Lock the slide back
  5. Push the weapon out in front of you and look down the barrel and you should see light. Then pull the weapon towards yourself and look down the magazine well, you should be able to see right through it. This is just an extra safety precaution to ensure that itís unloaded.
As you pull the slide off, be sure to hold the guide rod in. It usually wonít come flying out, but it might. The spring is under light pressure.
Guide Rod & Spring, Barrel, Slide & Frame
Use the correct size bore brush to clean any residue out of the barrel. Just push and pull it through a few times. You can also dab some cleaning solvent (not bleach), use firearms cleaning solvent on the brush and run it through. Be sure to wipe down all surfaces of the barrel. I use toilet paper and cotton balls.
Next use a patch with a little lubricating oil and run it through the barrel a few times. This will help prevent corrosion and it also cleans additional crap out of the barrel.
The Slide
When cleaning the slide, I use TP, and Q-tips. Wipe it all down and then use the cleaning solvent along w/ TP & Q-tips to clean the tracks, breech, extractorÖeverything. Then use dry TP & tips to get the solvent off. Clean is GOOD! Pay particular close attention to the extractor and firing pin. If you donít clean the extractor really good, it might not pull the empty brass from the barrel and cause a jam. If the firing pin hole isnít clean it might plug up and cause a malfunction.
The Frame
Using Q-tips, TP, and cotton balls and solvent clean everything possible in the frame. Wipe out the magazine well, clean any moving parts and againÖclean everything. After Iíve wiped it out, blow down the well and then visually inspect it to ensure thereís not TP or cotton stuck in it.
Use a Q-tip to apply a light coat of lubrication oil to all moving parts. You donít want to soak it down, just a light coat. Drip a small drop into the firing pin hole.
Inspect the slide and frame for deformities or cracks. The military is having problems with Beretta 92F slides breaking. They typically get a hairline crack near the ejection port, which is the smallest thinnest part of the slide.
Reassemble the weapon. Cycle the slide about 12 times. This will work the lubrication oil around. Wipe of any excess oil that might seep out of the weapon, theyíre will probably be a little bit.
Safety Slogan- LikeÖ.Be Safe and Stuff


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