*PVC Projects for the Survivalist*
By Gadget

PVC pipe can be made into all sorts of useful items.  I’m only going to discuss a couple of projects, but give you an overview of what you need and how to start your projects.

Use your imagination. What are some handy things to have around the house? Retreat? Range? Farm?  How about snowshoes, a chair, target holder, bucket, weapons case, cache tubes, backpack frame, hunting blind?  Any of these items can be made out of PVC for one of many reasons.  That hunting blind may be expensive to buy, but you can make it for very little. You might want or need a fish-cleaning table that will stand up to all sorts of weather.  PVC can take a lot of abuse. It can also be repaired very easily if it does break. It isn’t all that expensive and is extremely easy to work with.  A good supply of pipes in various sizes, along with an assortment of fittings, is something you should have stocked up.

Some tips for working with it.. If you want a permanent structure or project, use cement on all joints.  If you want it portable, glue only the joints you need to so you can assemble it in the field. ALWAYS use PVC cleaner on the joint before you cement it for a solid connection. You will need a hacksaw or a ratchet-type hand cutter available to cut with. Use sandpaper to clean  up your cuts for a better joint. You will need a tape measure and a pencil or marker. A drill or Dremel tool  is handy for holes but a knife will work—just be careful! That’s all that’s required. You will have some project-specific items like 550 cord, electrical tape, duct tape, camouflage tape, paint or assorted hardware.

Some projects will call for some odd fittings. Something like a 3-way 90 degree elbow (an elbow with an extra connection on the side). You can find these at plumbing supply stores. A common one is a 3-way that has threaded connections—just get the necessary adapters and you are back in business. If you are making a project that is to be stuck into the ground, cut the pipe at a 45 or so degree angle and it will drive in easier.

A couple of simple projects:

This is an example of a cache tube.  It can be made in any length that you want and whatever diameter pipe that you can find (some of the larger diameters are hard to find). There are caching articles here or at other places on the net as well as books on this subject.

This is an example of a target holder for the range. Use ½” or ¾” pipe for this. A note- if you put feet on it, make them long enough or you will spend more time setting it back up than shooting at it.

That’s about it. You can do all sorts of things with this stuff. Just let your imagination run wild and you’ll find yourself setting up shop to make things for other people.

References:  PVC Projects for the Outdoorsman  by Tom Forbes (Paladin Press)


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