*A Better Range Ammo Box*
By: BigStick
31 August 2009

I’ve been spending more time at the range lately; going through more ammo – and carrying more ammo – can lead to lots of packing and unpacking of cardboard boxes filled with loose ammunition. The last time I was there I got into a conversation with a man who had solved the problem with an ingenious little idea I will share with you: The better ammo box.

STEP ONE: Buy a container of drink mix. There are lots of different sizes and kinds of drink mix at your local grocery store; this one happens to be the $1.49 container from my local Aldi store.

STEP TWO: Remove the label, wash (and dry!) the container, and grab a box of your favorite ammo. This happens to be that pesky box of 500 loose rounds of .22 LR.

STEP THREE: Pour 500 rounds of .22 LR into the container. It just fits with a bit of room to spare.

STEP FOUR: Cut a label for the lid. This container has an extra “lip” that holds a circle cut with a 2” PVC pipe cover as a template just right.

STEP FIVE: Cut the label for the lid. ‘Nuff said.

STEP SIX: The finished product. A solid and semi-permanent container for ammo that makes filling magazines and transporting that loose ammo easier.


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