*Remington’s PSS 700 in 308*
A poor man's target rifle

By: Pike
15 December 2002

If you are into target shooting or hunting at longer ranges and want a weapon that can do the job at a reasonable price then this is a weapon to consider. As I write about certain things that I have done to my Remmy I will refer you to the numbered pics such as pic 1 etc. to view what was done to the weapon to enhance comfort, accuracy, speed, and function.

The overall look of the weapon in Pic 1 is in camo and this is done to enhance concealment in the bush and for personal choice. I will start from the rear of the weapon and work to the front in the explanation of the work that was done.

The cheek piece is cut from a piece of camo foam and is velcro’d in place so as to be removable if need be for another shooters comfort. The sling is a dual type that can be converted to carry the weapon in a backpack position for climbing or moving thru heavy terrain. This PSS model has an HS precision foam filled Zytel stock that has an aluminum bed for the receiver to mount in for strength and accuracy.

The bolt has been modified with a tactical knob for ease of grip in cold weather and speed of operating the weapon for that quick second shot. Trigger is a standard Rem 700 that has been set to 3lbs for a quick and crisp release. The trigger guard has been modified from HS precision to accept either a 4 or 10 rd mag and is made in stainless for added strength over the original floor plate and for the added mag capacity. Mounting bolts were custom made in steel and slotted not hex for ease of field takedown.

This scope is a Bushnell Scope chief with a bullet drop compensator and range finder it is a 4X12 power scope in 40mm. The rear scope mount has a .015 shim under the mount to get the most lift on the adjustments for the cross hairs when shooting out past 800 yrds or better…J . I can also mount my NV Monocular to the rear of the scope to use it at night if need be. In Pic 2 you will see that the scope has an anti glare piece added in under the scope caps, to stop the glint from the glass lens and the caps to protect the lens while hunting.

In Pic3 you can see a target crown has been machined to the front of the bbl for accuracy and to protect the bbl lands from getting nicked in the field. A Harris bipod installed for accuracy in the field when in the prone position. Barrel is a full float so as to enhance accuracy from the vibrations sent down the bbl when firing and so as not to touch the stock to throw off the shot as the bbl gets warm.

This weapon after all the modifications made to it is a real tack driver, at the range with my reloaded match ammo it can shoot .75 MOA all day and is excellent out to the longer ranges. I use 168 Sierra HPBT with 41.1 gr of IMR 4064 with match primers and get excellent results from my reloads. The PSS weighs in at 11.6 lbs. When I take this into the field I keep it in a carry case that has room for all it takes to clean the weapon and with enough pockets to carry all the ammo that is needed.

In conclusion..

I hope this helps someone in their quest for an accurate long range shooter that is reasonable in price. The other weapons on the market that shoot .75 MOA start out at close to $3000.00 to $5000.00 range all in all I figure I have approx. $2000.00 into this with all the accessories as shown. Do not skimp on the weapon you choose as it may one day have to save your life or the life of others and dependability on a good weapon is a must in the field. Buy top of the line and only cry once …lolol as cheap may let you down when you need it the most…

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