*Repair Kits*
By gk and Others

One of the most important items you can add to any camp kit, car, or pack is a repair kit of some kind. Repair kits come in handy for all sorts of problems that might arise. You break a pack buckle
on a long hike? No problem.....because you did your homework and put a replacement buckle in your repair kit. Rip in your tent? No problem, your handy dandy repair kit has a roll of duct tape or tent patches. The point is, problems arise at the worst of times and far from home. If you're smart enough to prepare, you're smart enough to repair!

This is a basic list of items you should keep in a repair kit. Customize as much as possible for the situation you're in ie: camping/hunting/survival etc. Know how to use and repair your equipment.

Pick up a small soft pack of some kind and store all the items in it. The kit(s) can be moved around as needed. Try to use "multi-use" items such as para cord - cut to length you have a shoe lace. Put some thought into it and have fun putting it together. It's worth it's weight!

For all you listed and everyone else the perfect storage container would be an old .50 cal ammo box,there water tight and cheap.

I also have a small hand crank drill and some bits for boring through items. This works well when you need to attach two flat items together. Drill a couple of holes on each side, then use nylon zip ties or bailing wire to secure them together.

We also carry a can or two of tire inflater/sealer, a small fire extinguisher, a small spade type shovel and a small axe or hatchet.

Ok, I'll show my bassackwards hillybilly side here. Bailing wire, duct tape and superglue. If it can't be fixed with one of these then it can't be fixed.

Hot melt glue sticks that you can melt with a lighter works great on a lot of things. A pair of small needle-nose vise grips makes a great vise for small parts. Hemostats are handy as a needle driver in heavy material, thorn-picker, etc.

Additional goodies could include: zip ties, "bailing" wire, epoxy ribbon, saftey pins. For the electrical tape I find that 3M works best. The cheap tape is not worth putting in your kit.

Great list! I also carry some wire both light weight and heavy bailing wire type. A few hose clamps are good for patching together a pack frame or canoe paddle with a piece of stick. A couple of wood screws/metal screws can also help as well as a couple of small nuts and bolts.Thats all I can remember of my kit that I take into the bush up here. I add specific kits based upon travel by ATV, Zodiac or 4wd truck. These are based upon any special pieces or parts that they might need. Duct tape and bailing wire fix most things somehow ;). Remember if you don't have the right part "Duct it!" Akraven

Tire plugs! If you have to get out in a hurry, plug it, then take and have it patched later. Have a rubber boat plug.


gk and others : )

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