*Ruger MK II 10 to 12 shot Magazine*
By: Pike
15 April 2005

Before the magazine ban was put into effect I used to use 12 shot plastic magazines from Ramline and I could not find these anymore so I set out too see if I could make a standard Ruger metal magazine do the same thing, accept 12 rounds and one in the chamber. So here is what I have done to adapt the Ruger magazines to hold 12 shots.

It takes only some small hand tools to do the work, it will just be easier with a Dremel to finish the finer work. You need to first remove the mag. base with a pick, push in through the small hole in the bottom and slide the base out, be careful it is under spring pressure. Remove all the parts inside, spring, follower, retainer button, and loader button as this well come out when you get the mag follower to slide to the big hole at the base of the clip. This pin just pushes out when the hole is aligned.

The first thing to do is slide the bullet follower back in the clip all the way to the top and scribe a line across the top of the of the magazine onto the plastic follower as this will be the line where you saw this piece off. You can see this in the Pic. below. Next you have to cut off the bottom of the same follower where the small piece extends down as the Pic shows the difference between the two pieces. When these pieces are cut, you need to smooth out all the edges with a sanding disc on your Dremmel. Next cut the spring to six inches long and crimp the loop in the end like the one you cut off. Cut the spring follower and base lock pin to 9/16" long from the place were the spring seats, NOT the overall length. The full length of this guide pin is " long. Like the piece you have hack sawed off you need to grind a taper to allow the spring to feed without binding when it is reassembled in the magazine. Use your Dremmel to smooth out this taper so the spring will feed properly.

Reassemble the magazine and feed in 12 shots and see if you have completed it as shown in the pictures. Push out the 12 rounds to see if they extract well, do this a few times. Remember this is not an ASSAULT PISTOL it is used for plinking and for small game. So you need NOT to be in a hurry to load your magazines.

Now you have a choice to make if you leave the clip load button without modifying it you will ONLY get 11 shots to work then the last shot lock will not release the twelfth round. IF you leave out the clip load button you will have to load the magazine with a pin of some sort to pull the rounds down to load up 12 rounds, or just push them in from the top. Now this will be able to shoot all 12 rounds, BUT will not enact the last shot lock on the bolt. Remember its not an ASSAULT pistol with the need for speed. If you do not care if the last shot locks open then you are done. IF you want the last shot lock to work you have another step to do.

As you can see in the Pic with the load button how half of the button is cut away you will need to do this. This button pushes up the last shot lock on the side of the bolt as the final rounds exit the magazine. The flat part of the button will now allow the twelfth round to fire and lock the bolt open. This pin will have to be LIGHTLY cemented in place, so as not to turn around, with the flat spot PARALLEL to the top of the magazine, just put a drop of shoe goo or some type of cement in the small hole in the bullet follower that this button fits into and let it dry and you are done. Not too much cement so as to be able to remove the pin in the future if needed.

I hope this helps you to do these modifications to be able to get more rounds in your stock magazine


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