*Ruger 10/22 Side swivel sling attachment*
By: Redlake3
15 February 2007

I wanted to mount a sling to me ole 10/22. I've had it around 25 years and finally decided after reading someoneís post around here about all weapons should be sling'd. Made sense and decided I liked the way an old buddy's m1a carbine had the fore stock side swivel mount to accommodate for the extended magazines like the butler creek I use on the Ruger.

Before you bite on my idea, you should know that there is an aftermarket solution like this. I saw it a long time ago, but canít give you pointers on finding it, Sorry. It replaces your existing collar I think.

Anyway, so I went to Wally World's and picked up an Uncle Mike swivel set containing one machined screw and one wood screw in the swivel studs.

I got to looking at the front collar on the 10/22 and decided to bore it out, easy enough for aluminum. Donít recall the size, but I bored it a hair larger than the machine screw swivel going into it. Perhaps a better option if you have a tap is to thread the collar; however all of the necessary retention will be provided with the acorn nut that comes with the swivels.

After aligning the swivel head in the newly bored hole I could see where I needed to remove some of the collar shoulder in order to properly seat the swivel head. I then took a file and lightly notched the shoulder of the collar, swivel side. Go in passes here, too little is easily fixed, too much and you wonít be happy.


I then placed the nut (came in package) on other side, tightened it all, and now I have a side mount swivel on the 10/22.


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