*Sig Saur P230 Takedown*
By: Pike
14 November 2003

As with ALL firearms of any kind safety is first and foremost. When handling any firearm whether it is to shoot, display, or just cleaning and repairing, ANY firearm should warrant maximum safety of all that are around the weapon using or handling the firearm. Make sure the WEAPON IS UNLOADED…. There is no safety on this weapon just a de-cocking lever to lower the hammer safely.

This is a simple takedown description of this weapon for cleaning and maintenance. The Sig is a well-made weapon and easy to take down. In the attached photos you can see the simplicity of the weapon. This is small enough to be able to conceal on ones person with ease. It can be carried in your pocket, belt holster, ankle rig suit pocket, shoulder holster, web belt etc. This is a 8 shot weapon, double or single action and just about hammer-less to snag on your clothes.

First remove the magazine from the weapon and make sure the chamber is empty before proceeding any further. In PIC2 the slide is off and you can see the slide release lever pointed down just in front of the trigger guard.

This is pulled down and the slide is moved about ¾ of the way to the rear then lifted up and let slide forward while holding the slide and the frame. The two screws can be removed from both sides of the grips to access all the weapon for cleaning. With all the degreaser and carburetor sprays out there today one can make quick work of removing all the grit and grime with just a few sprays on the moving parts. I am partial to the Brakekleen brand of degreaser as it works well for all my needs.

In PIC 3 you can see the parts are very accessible to clean. There is no need to remove the small parts unless you need to repair or replace them.


In PIC 4 you can see the slide spring attached to the barrel. The grips do not need to be removed to clean the weapon its just easier to do so with sprays that might mar the finish on the grips


In PIC 5 you can view all the parts that there is to re assemble. All this takes mere minutes to do even for the inexperienced, all that has to be done is reverse the procedure by putting the slide on the front to the slide spring pulling, the slide back till it lowers onto the frame. Release and re-secure the release lever forward and you are ready for action. This weapon shoots all types of ammo and never had it jam on me yet.

The weight of this stainless model is just 23oz. empty, and is a pleasure to shoot and packs quite a punch for such a small cal. With +P ammo, it makes a fine back up weapon. I hope this helps some, if your in the market for a small, light weight and reliable weapon.

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