*Speedknife Part 2*
By: Goshin
25 April 2004

In the original Speedknife article, I explained how to modify a Spyderco, or any thumbhole-opening/pocket-clip folder, to a "waved"-type which snaps open when drawn. The speed and surety of the opening is a dramatic improvement over any other method of tactical folder use, and since speed and surety of deployment is VITAL in close-combat, it gives you a huge advantage.

I've known people who listened to the concept explained with only mild intrest; the same person, having it then *demonstrated* for them, responded with wide-eyed shock and a "HOLY $%/#!" ;)

Let's make it even faster, and even more reliable! :)

One of the "failure points" of any folding knife is the transition from the mostly-fingertips-grip used while opening the blade (necessary to keep the fingers out of the blade's way), and the tactical grip with the fingers folded around the hilt. This transition takes a small amount of extra time, and also increases the risk of dropping the weapon during the opening, or during the transition.

Okay, so let's eliminate that step.

Another thing that can slow or impede folding-knife deployment is the need to get your fingers down into your pocket in the first place...you *have* to do that, or else just a forefinger-and-thumb "pinch pull" on the butt-end, which is a BIG risk of dropping or slinging the knife away.

Let's eliminate that, too.

Here's how: I noted my Spyderco Delica has a hole through the nut that holds the clip on, which got me started.

I cut a length of heavy coat-hanger wire (about finger-length) and bent it into a circle with needlenose pliers....putting it through the hole in the clip-nut in the process. Then, I applied some JB-Weld to the point where the ends meet, to make it strong and ensure it wouldn't bend open again. (let dry)

Then I took some paracord and braided it into about a 3 1/2" fob with a loop at one end and a long single strand at the other.

Put long strand through the wire-ring on the Spyderco, then through the loop on the other end of the paracord, tie off and tidy up.

Below is a pic of what it looks like clipped in my front pocket.

Slip your forefinger, or thumb, through the loop and yank upwards...the "hooked" part catches the lip of your pocket just like "version one" and snaps open instantly. The finger through the loop is very secure and reduces any risk of losing the knife during deployment. By the way, it is FAR easier to pull a clipped knife this way when SITTING, than by reaching down into your pocket.

Now I just close my fist, and I'm in reverse-grip edge-in, a method known as "Pikal" from Kali, which I prefer for ECQ (extreme close quarters) combat. I plan to write a later article on the remarkable effectiveness of Pikal grip in "bad-breath-range" fighting.

There you have it...if you try it you will be astonished at how fast this method of deployment is; even fixed-blade knives in *most common-type sheaths* would be slower.

In ECQ combat, it's truly "the quick and the dead"...speed is life!

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