Making a Tactical Sling
By GunnDan

    The "tactical" carry of a weapon may look "cool", but it's totally practical. Potential adversaries, and those being protected, know you are ready to act in a second. I tend to think of it as the "guitar carry", since I'm a guitar player, or the "Israeli way", after I visited there. Slung behind the back, it looks 'nonchalant'.  It's natural and comfortable -- critical in situations where you don't know when or where you may need to defend yourself. This is simply a practical method of carrying a rifle on a sling but at the ready (slung port arms, I'd call it), especially with pistol-gripped rifles. It keeps the muzzle controllable by the left hand (or right if you're a lefty) for safety as well as down when it rains. This is just a simple way of converting your rifle to be carried with the receiver UP and trigger at the ready.
    This is not rocket-science, and many of you know this stuff, but I thought I'd put together a Pictorial How-To for those who want to do it and always wondered how.

If locked and loaded, it would take less than a second to aquire and fire from the shoulder from this position, OR I could move my right hand inside the sling and 'stow' it behind my back to use both hands in assistance.

Ingredients You'll need 2 feet of parachute cord and a 1 inch piece of PLASTIC tubing, some water, and a flame source (lighter).

It's Easy!

I'm using my SAR-1 and it's "issue" sling as an example. Since the AK has a left-side-mounted slot for the forward connection, I didn't need to use any paracord on the front. For an AR, or if you're a lefty, just repeat the process for the front sling-swivel (around the barrel, not the gas tube!). GunnDan -

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