*Target Stands*
By fixer

Here they is! Redneck Engineering at its finest. Cheap, simple, easy to construct, umm... did i say cheap?

To make a simple, cheap easy to construct target stand, you need a used tire without the rim. If your range doesn't have tires, just scrounge them from the dumpster behind the local tire shop. Normal passenger tires work best. Truck tires have heavier sidewalls that are harder to cut.

The sticks I use are 1" x 2" x 8' and cost about $0.88 at the hardware store. 10' would be better, but I can't find them here. Cut them in half.

Lay the target on the sidewall of the tire to find the best place to cut. Cut through both sides of the sidewalls with a big "X", then push the sticks thru both sides. Staple the target or cardboard to the sticks.

It looks like this:


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