*The CCW Training Binder*
Documenting your training to help you
By: Helimech
20 January 2008

This article is about a very simple process. It is not my original concept; I garnered it from my CHL instructor.

First a little history: as a 30 veteran retired police officer my CHL Instructor had seen multiple cases where an individual had to use their CCW to protect themselves and/or their loved ones. In one particular case the individual killed the assailant and was found innocent of murder (justifiable homicide). However, the “victim’s” family sued the man in civil court for wrongful death under the pretense that he didn’t have sufficient training and it was an accidental discharge (AD). The accused (the innocent man) produced a file folder with receipts for gun books, training, and range time and was able to show proficiency and was found not liable. This is where the binder idea came from.

What you need is a well bound binder with lined paper. Nothing too fancy, just something where the pages are “permanent”. The one I use was made by the Mead Corp and I got it at Wal-Mart. It is easy to use. The one I purchased has two sections; I’ll get to section two in a minute.

In section one, list the date of anytime you do anything involving firearms. Not just your CCW, but any firearm you own. You cleaned the deer rifle, write it down; bought and read a book on personal defense with a gun, write it down; went out and shot some cans with a .22LR, write it down as target practice. This will show proficiency with firearms in general and that you are not some inexperienced idiot carrying a gun. The format I use is something like this:


In section two, I keep track of training positions and methods I want to try or have tried and duration. For instance if I found a new way to draw with my weak hand, I’ll write it down and list it, then when I try/practice it I keep track of it. I use a hand drawn grid in this basic format:

Weaver Stance5 shots15 yards
Strong Hand Only5 shots15 yards
Weak Hand Only5 shots15 yards
Prone5 shots10 yards
Supine10 shots7 yards
Weak Hand Cross Draw5 shots10 yards

You get the idea.

I keep this binder locked in my fire safe. If god forbid I ever have to use deadly force to protect myself or those I love, I am glad I have a list of training to show that I aspired to be as proficient in the use of my firearms as reasonably possible. I am sure that some lawyers may see all this training as a way to label me as “bloodthirsty” and having a desire to “kill a man,” but I would rather having training and practice documented than have to go to court empty handed with just my word.

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