*Modern Weapons + Martial Arts*
By: Goshin
10 August 2003

A couple years ago, there was a gathering of some "Big names" in defensive handgunning at Thunder Ranch (IIRC), along with some trainees and LEO's and etc, for a CQB (Close Quarters Battle) brainstorming/experimentation session...specifically, how to cope with a close-range, sudden hand-weapon attack (ie brick, knife, club), and drawing pistol to neutralize the threat while under assault.

Several popularly taught handgun CQB methods were put to the test. I recall some duck-and-cover-and-draw methods, and some block-with-one-hand-draw-with-the-other, plus other variants I've forgotten.

An intresting result: those with a solid background in Martial Arts or other serious HTH (Hand to Hand) training did well with almost any of the methods...those without did rather poorly with all those methods! Hmmm...

Here's another idea:

Martial Arts/HTH plus taser, pepperspray, ASP or other modern HTH weapons.

Tasers/stunners/shocksticks, touted for self-defense for the sheeple, have a serious limitation: you have to use them at HTH range. They've proven most effective when used "by surprise" against an attacker who wasn't expecting any resistance...most average-Cits who let the perp SEE the taser beforehand had it taken away and used on THEM if the attack proceeded. There's also the caveat that you've got to survive long enough to draw it and use it, if the BadGuy gets the "first hit".

Now, add a taser-stunner to Martial Arts/HTH skills...think about someone using a taser with a modified version of Knife Fighting skills (ie Phillipino Arnis, etc), or a left jab tipped with a taser, combined with regular strikes/etc if needed!

Pepperspray/Mace and etc can be very effective...but some subjects can fight through the effects for a time, as Kingpin's experiments proved. Here's a thought for you: you spray Career-Criminal in the face, before his eyes slam shut he rushes in and grabs you, enraged and wanting to tear you up, and finds that he's grabbed someone who is skilled in unarmed close-combat! ( and NOW he is in pain, with impaired vision, up against a skilled fighter! oops!)

Conclusion: if you don't already have it, get Hand-to-Hand training folks! If you are already skilled in HTH, consider adding Mace or a small hand-taser to your repertoire.

"Whatever works!"

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