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~ Book Reviews ~


Huntress' Book Reviews
Great reviews on the best books! Survival, Preparedness, Science fiction, Fiction, etc.
(Part of the Alpha Group)

~Preparedness Sites~

(Survival Tips - The Survivalist Blog)




(James Rawles Web Blog)



Code Name In Sight

Frugal Squirrel's homepage for Patriots, Survivalists and Gun Owners.

For Women, by Women


~Weapons Sites~



NOT what you think it is! Check it out!

~Alternate Energy Sites~

HIGHLY Recommended By Rubicon Members


Solar Power

~Patriot Sites~

Pokerface Music
Political Music with a cutting edge, no "ballads" or odes, just professional rock!
Also check out their political site at:

~Businesses: Preparedness Supplies And Storage Food~

(Strongly supported by AlphaRubicon For their contributions to the Preparedness Community)

Emergency MRE bulk food store.
Emergency MRE bulk food storage





Snare - Trap - Survive
(You NEED to Visit this link!)

Survival Sheath Systems

Rust's Hardware Hank

A MUST visit site for all aspects of food storage and planning!!!!

The Dry Store
Great Books and Recipes!!!!

Best Prices Storable Foods
We sell dehydrated and freeze dried foods (many not available anywhere else) at the country's best prices.





~Misc sites~


Urban legends
Is the Post office REALLY gonna charge for E-mail? ARE deadly spiders building nests in airline toilets? Nope, but you can check out that urban legend here and find out the TRUTH!


2012 Hoax - Don't Be Scammed
(The Mayans didn't know anything special)


Out Break
"Outbreak" is a member of the World Health Organization. They report emerging diseases and epidemics.




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