*Basic Medical Kit*
By: Palehorse

Often we hear about all of the advanced stuff that people keep in their medical kits, but donít stop to realize, we have to have the basics if the advanced stuff is going to help.  This article will include a list of basic medical supplies, most of which can be bought at any discount or drug store.  What cannot be purchased at a discount or drugstore can be ordered from medical supply companies.

Trauma Supplies
One tube (approximately 100) unsterile 4x4 dressings
One tube (approximately 100) unsterile 2x2 dressings
20 packages of sterile 4x4ís
20 packages of sterile 2x2ís
10 ABD type dressings (maxi-pads work nicely!)
10 sterile oval eye patches
20 rolls of gauze bandage
Several boxes of assorted Band-Aids
6 triangular bandages
5 chemical ice packs
5 chemical heat packs
4 four inch ACE wraps
4 three inch ACE wraps
10 rolls of Transpore or other medical tape
4 ladder or SAM splints
10 bottles of irrigation fluid (saline or sterile water)
2 pairs of Trauma Shears
2-4 boxes of unsterile gloves
2 Penlights
5 Bottles of Isopropyl Alcohol
5 Bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide

2 bottles of Ibuprofen
2 bottles of Acetaminophen
2 bottles of Aspirin
2 bottles of Antacid
2 Bottles of Benadryl
2 Bottles of a decongestant (Sudafed)
4 Bottles of cough medicine
5 bags of cough drops
2 Bottles of Nyquil
4 Bottles of Calamine Lotion
Several Sting-Eze Swabs
4 Cans of SolarCaine Spray
5 tubes of Antibiotic ointment
5 tubes of hydrocortisone ointment
2 tubes of hemorhoidal cream
Assorted Childrenís strength medications
4 Tubes of InstaGlucose
4 Bottles of Bactine or other astringent
2 Bottles of Syrup of Ipecac
2 Boxes of Ammonia Inhalants
3 large boxes of Alcohol Prep pads
2 large bottles of betadine or
    3 large boxes of betadine Prep Pads
One bottle of eye wash for each person in your family

Other Supplies
Blood Pressure Cuff
Oral and Rectal Thermometers with
         Probe covers
CPR mask with one-way valve
Vaseline or KY lubricant

This is a basic list, but it is not absolute.  Depending on your level of training, you may choose to add to or omit from this list.  The quantities should give the average family enough supplies to take care of several minor emergencies and should last at least a year, if not longer.


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