*Adverse Effects of Dehydration*
By: Studentnurse
25 April 2004

Body Weight Lost - Symptoms

1-2% - Thirst, fatique, weakness, vague discomfort, loss of appetite

3-4% - Impaired physical performance, dry mouth, reduction in urine, flushed skin, impatience, apathy

5-6% - Difficulty in concentrating, headache, irritability, sleepiness, impaired temperature regulation, increased respiratory rate

7-10% - Dizziness, spastic muscles, loss of balance, delirium, exhaustion, collapse

I thought with summer right on top of us , it would be great to have a dehydration chart.

Another tip is drinking gatorade to rehydrate yourself while working. The gatorade or other sports drink cools the body down the fastest. Use it full strength and pick a flavor you would drink. Have fun but be safe in the summer.

( Table source: Understanding Nutriton - Whitney & Rolfes)

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