*Dental Preparedness*
By: meadmaster
15 May 2009

With the H1N1 as a motivator, I have gone back over my medical preparedness.

I did a search on the rubicon and I noticed that There is a lot on emergency dental care and not a lot on how important it is to maintain good dental health as part of my preparedness. If I missed an article on what to do before the SHTF, please give me a steer.

I got serious about dental health about 8 years ago and for the first two years it was financially painful. For the last six years -- maintenance costs.

I have attached a link from the Mayo clinic that talks about how oral health is related to the control of diabetes, the prevention of infection, the prevention of premature births, and general overall health.

If your gums bleed then you are at risk.

Once you achieve good dental health, the maintenance of it takes time and effort each day.

My regimen is as follows.


1) Whitening pre-brush mouthwash (I use Listerine Pre Brush)

2) Fluoride toothpaste -- thorough brushing at least 3 minutes)

3) Flossing. I use Crest Glide because the ribbon does a better job than the string type of floss.

4) Fluoride Rinse (I use ACT or Listerine)

Evening -- Same Again.

I keep a bottle of Listerine at work and use it at the very least right after lunch.

Since starting this regimen -- no cavities -- no bleeding gums -- and it is rarely that I get sick.


My hygiene/medical supplies include (have not hit the year mark on my dental supplies yet -- and here is what I am planning for)

toothbrush -- change every two weeks. 26/year

Toothpaste -- one tube per two weeks per person (personal preference on Brand -- I use arm and hammer baking soda.

Listerine Prebrush Whitening Rinse -- 1 32oz jar per month

Listerine or ACT -- Anticavity Fluoride rinse -- 1 32 oz jar per month.

Ribbon type Dental Floss -- Assume about a 3 foot per day -- I like to wrap a lot around my fingers and get a fresh bit of floss for every tooth.

My thought is that if I maintain my regimen -- when it hits the fan -- I will have one less way for infection to enter my body and no toothache to distract from the tasks at hand.

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