*Disease Safety and Protection*

Preparing for Infectious Disease Exposure


26 April 2003

After TSHTF and someone comes to your house, retreat or camp what will you do? Since we will have to deal with SARS, we will have to decide what to do with infected people. It wont matter if they are team members, family, or just refugees that you want to keep, you will have to deal with this in the same way. You canít just let them walk in unless you donít care for your team. This is what I have decided to do.

Make a tent with plastic sheeting AWAY from the rest of the group but close enough to be accessible. Plastic sheeting is cheap; also use small saplings for the poles. These people will have to stay isolated 14-21 days to be sure they are not infected. Make a bed and maybe a table. Whatever you use or set up you may have to burn it later to get rid of any contagion. Using Plastic and sapling poles wont be expensive to lose if you have to burn it. Burning this stuff is the only sure fire way of getting rid of contagion, especially if the person has smallpox or SARS and they die, it will also let you save any supplies you have on hand for disinfection.

I know this sounds cruel but it donít have to be if you donít want it to be. Just set it up like you would if YOU were camping. You can make it as comfortable as you want it to be. Whatever you do will affect your loved ones and or teammates. So go out and buy more plastic sheeting and anything else you think you would need to set this up. You will need to get cheap disposable items for this to work unless you are rich! If you have someone who is sick, everything they touch or use will be contaminated! They will need to be able to eat, wash, go to the bathroom, and etc. EVERYTHING will be contaminated! Donít forget to get things for whoever will be taking care of them. They will need protection as well. They will need masks, gowns, shoes, etc that is disposable unless you can boil it in hot water. Boiling water will disinfect clothes, instruments and etc. Donít forget to get all the bleach you can afford to have or store! I donít think we will have enough but we can only try. Read up on this kind of thing. Only you can keep this from getting to your group.

I hope this will help someone to save themselves and family. Please BE CAREFUL!



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