Foreign Object Removal Kit
By: Stats
29 September 2016

F.O.R.K. is an acronym for Foreign Object Removal Kit.

It's mainly used for removing debris from eyes. What I use it for is removing splinters-mostly from the hand area.

Bought it at a Prep show a few years ago.

It's a 3 piece kit having the following items.

The laser engraving says the the spike handle says it's made from German Stainless Steel, if that has any weight for ya.

All of these attachments are screw reversible. Meaning the various tips are stored within the handle and then unscrewed reversed and then screwed into the handle again for use. Reverse the process for storage.

The pic below show the tips removed from the handle ready to be reversed and installed back into the handle. The nylon loop pick-(I colored a piece of paper black to highlight the loop).

This pic is to show the spike tip (left side) vs. the tweezer tip (right side).

I use a 5X jeweler loop for the fine work of the spike the penetrate and lift the skin above the splinter to access the opened area with the tweezers or use the spike to lift out the splinter or debris

I've had this kit for about 3 years and use it all the time for splinter removal in the hand-fingers at home. Having one of these kits is invaluable for removing splinters, cactus thorns etc- for those of you that are around cactus that is.

There are some cactus that have VERY fine, almost hair like thorns. You can barely see, them, but you sure can feel them and they can really be irritating when something sweeps across it until removed.

I just ordered three more sets as I need them in other places than just home, One for the truck-on the job, one for the deer lease and one for my bob. Every once in a while I'll get splinters from fence gates or in attics while moving around the decking or while holding onto the rafters or roofing supports.

Here is the site I ordered the kits from.


Not cheap to buy, (30.00 bux), but PRICELESS when you need to remove a splinter buried deep in the hand and just hurts like hail to rub anything over it.

I'll order more kits and loops for the base camp field med bags.


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