*Go For A Walk*
Part 2
By: unklebeau
19 November 2012

I need to walk. My old knees and back benefit from walking. So does my outlook on life. But before going walking one needs to consider some things that will make the difference between a pleasant day outside, and a foot blistering miserable thing to be endured as if it were torture.

After the first article you now have the proper shoes, the proper back pack, the right hat, your Concealed Weapon, water, etc. etc. for the hike you are planning.

Shoes are most important. I am going for a hike out in the woods and perhaps down the walking trail, which is a nice easy trail.

I pick the lace up boots and the wool socks. Gotta have my hat and stuff too.


So where are you going to walk? City bike path/walking trail?

Here is one I like. This is an old railroad track that had the rails removed and this year it was paved over to make the city folks feel comfortable I guess. 50 miles of 10 foot wide highway flat as a table and well-traveled too. There is a lot of bicycle traffic one must avoid.

It is not the best hiking compared to trails in Wyoming, Montana, or Colorado. Moab, Utah is spectacular and I like the Bridal Falls area near Salt Lake City, but this is what I have here.

Are you ready? Your walk will probably be different if you are 25 or 85 years old. Does your Doc say you are fit to walk? Most of us are. Walking is as good as running for fitness, I understand, and better for your joints.

Hips, knees, and feet take a heck of a beating when one runs. If you are a bit overweight, or have had an injury, you already have issues for joints. Don't make them worse by running.

But especially those who have a bit of arthritis should be doing some walking. It may hurt, but it is good for those achy joints. Ask your doctor to make sure you are not doing further injury or if additional pain medications are required to keep you going.

Start out slow, walk a bit at a slow to moderate pace, walk for ten to fifteen minutes. Then STOP and stretch out those hamstrings, buttocks, and feet. Get started again. Do not try to run or even jog. Just walk. And if you feel you are not getting enough of an aerobic workout, carry some 12 oz. cans of soup or 1 liter sodas. Then swing those arms! You will start getting the air in and out of those lungs in pretty short order. If you get tired of carrying those sodas in your hands, stick them back in your backpack.

If it has been a while since you have done any exercise, keep it short to start, maybe only fifteen minutes. Then add in 10 minutes at a time. Pretty soon you will have an hour of walking. If you have an hour 3 or 4 times a week, you will soon be fit and trim and in shape. Even 30 minutes will get those fat molecules mobilized.

You will have seen some beautiful country, and probably meet some interesting people, and be in better shape. Your heart, lungs, legs, and mind will be strong. If you ever are required to Get-Out-of-Dodge, you will be more capable than if you stay a couch potato. But no matter if you are walking city trails, or in the mountains, prairies, oceanside, get out and go for a walk. It will do you a world of good.


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