*Identifying Fake Credentials*
By: studentnurse
30 July 2004

Everyone one wants to look better , feel better in life. Throughout our lives we are bombarded with nutrition articles from Home Life, Mens World, the gym teacher at the local health club, etc. We as "survivalists" need to be able to distinquish the phonies from the true Registered Dieticians(RD). We desire the best gear so why not desire the best fuel and nutrition advice for our body.

When you visit the nutritionist at the hospital , they are a Registered Dietician, they cannot practice unless they have the RD attached to their name. That is the laws of the land. These people know what they are talking about. Again "network" and maybe get one of these people on your "team". Trust me they know the difference between Vit. A and Vit. C. They can identify vitamin deficiences, know the Food Guide Pyramid , etc.

Once this person is on your team they could teach how to cook healthy meals, plan meals, post TSHTF food planning etc. Balanced nutrition is very important to "survivalists". Especially in a post-TSHTF nutrition is critical.

Let's say you see a HUGE ad in the newspaper that states - Want to Lose Weight?? Call me I have a degree from a Correspondence School or accredited college"

Stay away from these people !! All they had to do is pay for the certificate. You DONT want these people on your team!.


I hope the next time you want to lose weight , or add a nutrionist on your team.

Get info from the informed parties.

happy food planning,

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