*Sprouted Versus Unsprouted Lentils*
By: Prozac
30 December 2011

Everyone knows that sprouted seeds are better for you than the non sprouted variety. In the case of alfalfa, I would agree. No one wants to eat unsprouted alfalfa. In the case of lentils, sprouted vs unsprouted takes on a different light. After looking at the difference, you can see that there is a place for both.

I will compare 100g of raw sprouted lentils (RSL) to 100g of raw unsprouted lentils (RUL)...

So far, I'm questioning why you'd want to sprout at all!

Based on this, I can see that, at least for lentils...

All nutritional data is from http://nutritiondata.self.com/ using 100 gram serving size.

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