*Lysol Concentrate Shelf Life is 2 Years*
By: Mamabear
01 May 2009

The Techs at Lysol said Lysol Concentrate has a shelf life of two years.

Here's how to decipher the manufacture date from the bottle code using a sample from one of my bottles:

B5053-NJ2-0352 (bottle code)

Ignore the leading letter.

The next number - 5 in this case - is the year, so 2005.

The next three numbers are the Julian date -- 053 - so Feb. 23 or so.

If you aren’t familiar with Julian Dates, here is a web site that will do the conversion for you:

Julian Date Converter:


How it works:

Put the bottle code into the slot listed as Julian date to Calendar date. Click on “Compute Calendar Date” and let the computer do the work for you.

Shaman pointed out the following:

All the MSDS sheets for various Lysol products that list a shelf life give 2+ years, no matter what the ingredients. For Lysol concentrate, here is information for the key chemical:

Reactivity Profile

ORTHO-BENZYL-PARA-CHLOROPHENOL. It is incompatible with acids and oxidizing agents (NTP, 1992). It is sensitive to light. It is stable at temperatures up to 77°F when protected from light, but storage at 140° F causes decomposition.

So if it's kept out of the light and below 77°F or so, it should be stable for a good long while. The other active ingredients are alcohols, so they should be stable also.

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