*Dealing With People*
By: Myco

In a scenario of TSHTF or TEOTWAWKI, people will have to adjust to the situation with whatever plans and preparations they already had.

With family and team intact, having the mind and body conditioned is an important aspect to successful survival.  Physical fitness and mental health are attributes achieved through constant training and practice.

Keeping one's health balanced is crucial, particularly in a time when medical attention is not readily available. Team and family members have responsibilities for maintaining their own individual well being as well as each other. Medical attention is a topic that needs to be addressed before a calamity arises. From basic supplies to advanced equipment,  something as basic as a simple technique can save a life... if you already know it.

Tough times will take a toll on all of us, but children need to be a foremost consideration with their needs and feelings. After all, if it wasn't for them, survival wouldn't really matter now, would it? In helping children through hardships we will be helping ourselves.

Their are many areas that one might like to omit from awareness but reality bites hard sometimes. It's just the way it is. One of those areas is what to do with various groups of people such as refugees, prisoners, oppressors and the sort.  It's a subject that will be addressed with guidelines to consider.

Philosophy and morality are corner stones to humanity, but do they get tossed out with the onset of disaster?  Our mental health needs to know what we do is to guarantee to a better future posto crapo. Let's keep our head and hopefully our sense of humor.


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