*Poison Oak (And Ivy/Sumac) Treatment*
By: fkat
06 June 2010

Hi. Not long ago I came down with a VERY bad case of poison oak rash. My forearms were almost completely covered, not to mention "other" places on my body.

I got it through ignorance and inattention to what I had on my property. That's another story. The purpose of this article is to pass along a remedy for the ITCHING, and is NOT a CURE for the condition. I found this after long research, and after trying OTC remedies (tecnu, and kalamine lotion for relief). It is this: run the affected area under hot water until an intense itching sensation developes. The sensation, which I call "itch/scratch" is/are the histamines in your skin being released by the heat. Once the itch goes away, then run the water over another area for the same effect.

Better yet, try soaking the area in a sink full of hot water. The water needs to be hot enough to cause the histamines to come out, but not so hot as to cause damage. You'll know how to judge once you've tested the water over the area. I remember getting about five (5) hours of relief until I needed to repeat the process. This is some FNV that I'll never forget. I put in the title Oak and Ivy/Sumac because the same substance in both plants causes the allergic reaction.


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