*How to wash those hands properly*
By: Studentnurse
31 January 2004

This is going to be a 9 step process on the how - to of proper handwashing.


Step 1 - Remove jewelry, . Wristwatch may be pushed up above the wrist to midforearm level. Push sleeves of shirt or uniform up above the wrist at midforearm level.

Step 2 - Assess hands for hangnails, cuts or breaks in the skin, and areas that are heavily soiled. You will want to pay special attention to those areas later.

Step 3 - Turn on the water. Adjust the flow and temperature. Temperature of the water should be warm.

Step 4 - Wet hands and lower forearms thouroughly by holding under running water. Keep hands and forearms in the down position with elbows straight . Avoid splashing water and touching the sides of the sink.

Step 5 - . Apply 2 squirts of liquid soap( make this a part of your preps! )

Lather thoroughly with your 2 squirts of liquid soap

Step 6 - Thoroughly rub hands together for about 10 to 15 seconds ( or sing the alphabet song) . Interlace fingers and thumbs and move back and forth to wash between digits. Rub palms and back of hand swith circular motion. Special attention should be provided to areas such as the knuckles and fingernails, which are known to harbor organisms. Pay attention to those soiled areas!

Step 7 -Rinse with hands in the down position, elbows straight. Rinse in the direction of formeam to wrist to fingers.

Step 8 - Blot hands and forearms to dry thoroughly . Dry in the direction of fingers to wrist and forearms. Discard the paper towels in the proper receptacle. (Give a hoot and don't pollute)

Step 9 - Turn off the water faucet with a clean, dry paper towel.

Ta da know you know how to wash your hands properly. Congratulations. Please apply these principle when you are at a restaurant, mall, friends house, etc. You don't know where the germs hide. Take care!!

(Credit is given to Thomson/Delmar Learning Fundamentals of Nursing for some of the thoughts, and ideas presented here in this article.)

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