*Quality Footwear*
By: quick68
26 April 2006

One of the things that must not be skimped on is foot wear. Quality lace up boots are not expensive if you figure how long they last compared to cheaper store brands. If you have to get out in a survival situation and things go bad for long term, you are going to be in trouble with cheap boots. You will destroy a cheap pair of boots in short order if you are walking daily over rough terrain.

Over the last few years, I have wore several pairs of quality boots. I weigh close to 300 lbs., and work on concrete or at construction sites most of the time. I try to get my employees to spend the money and will reimburse part of the purchase for good name brand boots. I donít claim these are the only good brands, but can recommend them from my and my employees experiences. Danner, Red Wing and Wolverine Dura Shocks are all good. I wore one pair of Danners for two years, had them re-soled and gave them to an employee to see if he liked them. These boots wore out another pair of soles before he threw them out.

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