*Soft Drink Withdrawal*
By: Studentnurse
07 March 2006

After a recent visit with a dentist, my report was not so great. The amount of coke I was ingesting was doing damage to the enamel on my teeth - this was leading to cavities. This lead to cavities having to be filled , time off from work etc. Cavities well... were getting expensive. The soft drinks were making me groggy in the morning , I needed a quick soft drink fix in the afternoon to "pick me up" just to make it through the day. Needless to say I was hooked!

This got me to thinking we as "survivalist" put the best gas in our car, we purchase the best flashlights for the house, the best belts and house for our vehicles BUT we don't put the best "fuel" in our bodies. So at the end of 2005, my New Year's resolution was to quit drinking those drinks such as coca- cola, and pepsi basically anything that was loaded with sugar. All I drink now is filtered water or organic juices.In your health food aisle they make an organic apple and pear drink.

My first day without Coca Cola was Jan. 1, 2006. The first 1- 3.5/4 weeks without a soft drink was hard. I had caffeine withdrawal headaches of the worst kind. My head, honestly, pounded repeatedly. I used tylenol to combat the pain and it helped. For me this was the roughest time of this detox. I knew my goal was to abstain from soft drinks so I marched on.

The last couple of weeks have been fine. I don't desire to drink a soft drink anymore. I have a natural sleep /bio-rhythm this means I don't use caffeine/sugar to stay up late at night. I don't have to have a soft drink fix to help me through the afternoon anymore. I sleep better at night. The last check up from the dentist was really good. I don't consume those empty calories anymore. My perfomance at school is the best it has ever been.

I guess what I am trying to say is this. There are a ton of health benefits when you abstain from drinking a coca cola. You miss the empty calories that you consume. We as survivalist need to be in tip top shape , esp. when an emergency should arise. If you don't drink a coca cola @ 1.50 per drink at lunch you save app. 10.00 a week 40.00 a month, and 480.00. That can by some much needed misc. supplies for the cabin. I am sure I will not miss the long term effects of soft drinks in my body such as cardiac arrhythmias, obesity, diabetes, etc.

Let me encourage you on this note. The detox was heck but I know I am making a tremendous difference in my health short term and long term. Find something you or your family are addicted too. It may be soft drinks , coffee , juice boxes, junk food, etc. Find it and put yourself through detox. I had the will power to and so do you.

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