*Temporary Fillings*
By: Tbird157
02 November 2006

I lost a filling the other week, now with everything normal and dentists available that's not a big deal. BUT, if things have gone terribly wrong and you can't get to the dentist there are do it your self fillers on the market. Now these are supposed to be a temporary solution but some work better than others. I have used this opportunity to try several ones out there. There are several out there but the three I tried is what I will discuss here.

The three are Temparin, Dentemp O.S., and Refilit cherry.

The first one Temparin, I couldn't get it to stay in for more that one day. It tasted horrible and crumbled apart in my mouth when I tried to eat soft food.

The second is Dentemp O.S., it remained in place even while eating but leaves a horrible taste in your mouth. It remained in place for four days then fell out. It has a instant pain killer to help with any tooth pain but it gets on your tongue and makes food taste funny, you won't forget its in your mouth.

The third is Refilit Cherry, its made by the same company that makes Dentemp O.S. filling. This is by far my favorite and going to be stocked up on. It doesn't taste bad and sets quickly. I have been eating on it for ten days and it has showed no sign of coming out.

Now for use of these the best thing to do is make sure there is no loose pieces of tooth in place then brush very well. Wash your hands then with your hands damp, not wet, scoop a little out of the container with the supplied tool and roll it into a small ball. Place the ball in the tooth and smooth with your finger. Only drink water and don't eat for at least one hour while it sets. I found the best time was to do it before going to sleep to allow it to set over night. You can resume your regular eating and drinking habits the next day.

I am not a dentist and don't recommend using this instead of going to a dentist. But, in my experience I will use Refilit Cherry again if I need to until I can get to a dentist.

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