*Gear - Military Versus Civilian*
The Sh!7 Has Hit The Fan! Which gear should YOU choose?
By: Warlord & PaleHorse

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Picture 1

Military gear on the left is rugged, standardized, cammo'ed and it's "one size fit's all"... but it's heavy, uncomfortable and stands out in a civilian setting...

The civilian gear on the right is much lighter and more comfortable... but Packs must be fitted to an individual person, it's also brighter and will NOT handle quite the same type of abuse.

Picture 2

Picture 3

The Camper/hiker in pictures 2 and 3 above is not threatening and would fit well in any civilian setting. She could be a friendly traveler that you wave to and pass by... or a potential target for violence by 2 legged predators.

Picture 4

Picture 5

The patrol member in pictures 4 and 5 stands out, You probably wouldn't wave... but that can be a good thing at times, would YOU mess with her without a good reason? She's awful comfortable with that AK.. and I'd be wondering where her buddies were, it'd make my back crawl immediately!

Picture 6

Obviously the gear on the right is going to ride better and be more comfortable, but will it stand up the bone jarring rigors of a woodland patrol or fire fight? Maybe. Can you get out of it quickly (dump it with quick releases)? Can your smaller buddy grab it and put it on?

Picture 7

The Military Intermediate Cold sleeping bag on the left is VERY rugged, warmth below 25 degrees gets tricky though, and it's bulky and heavy. Throwing it in the washing machine at home doesn't hurt it a bit though.

The Civilian North Face Bag on the right is VERY lightweight and you can see it's got almost twice the "loft" to it, it'll keep you warm down to 15 degrees, it's very light and compacts to about the size of a football... But don't snag it on sharp objects and NEVER toss it in a top loading washing machine.

Picture 8

The Military closed cell foam bed roll on the left is almost indestructible, and it's VERY light, it does lack a bit of comfort though and is much wider (hard to move in thick brush).

The Civilian self-inflating Therma-rest roll on the right is more comfortable, however it is heavier, more fragile and provides less protection from ground cold.

Picture 9
(Military Personal Kits)

Picture 10
(Civilian Personal Kits)

Picture 11
(Civilian Personal Kits)

Picture 12
(Small Team Kits)

Picture 13
(Group Kits)

Picture 14

The Group Kit in Pictures 13 and 14 can be used in BOTH as Civilian OR Military gear. The Kelty pack it's based on is roomy, looks like a regular back pack, and the colors are good for either setting.

Picture 15

Which weapons are more suited to meeting a team of looters? Which for close combat? Which for patrolling your neighborhood? What would YOU say was the best "general purpose" weapon pictured?

Warlord & PaleHorse

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