*Energizer Folding LED Light*

by Mamabear



Quick and dirty info:


I bought this light at Wal-Mart along with a fresh set of four AA batteries. After installing the batteries, I turned on the one bulb on 3 October at 1130 and left the light on continuously. The batteries should have lasted until 11 October at 1930, if it worked as advertised for 200 hours.


Running on one LED bulb…


…or on two.


Fully extended with the hook tab visible.


You can fold it all the way up, lay it on its side, or attach it to a wall with the hook.

I’m happy to report that this little light worked for over 600 hours! Admittedly, you wouldn’t be able to do brain surgery at the 600-hour mark, but the LED was still emitting a weak light that might provide some psychological comfort.


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