*Alpha/Rubicon - What We're About*
By Green

Consider this place the next step in your survival training!

To prepare ourselves, we need sytematic exposure to basic survival skills, knowledge and preparations. We need to practice using those skills, knowledge and supplies. That is our foundation. Following that, we need to add more advanced knowledge, practice more advanced skills and store more thorough preps that provide for longer periods of time, more people (family/team mates) and more intense survival situations. At first we may randomly cover areas as we come across them, but at some point, we become very serious and want to systematically prepare towards specific potential scenarios.

Here, we are serious about more than just surviving, we want to carry on and rebuild should we ever be faced with our worst case scenario. Our best insurance against tomorrow, by far, is not the kind that you buy with money that sits in someone else's pocket. It is having the knowledge, skills, support, training and preps to carry on without outside help. In a worst case scenario, government and charitable resources would be maxed out and we would be on our own. Social events that could affect entire cities, states, large areas of our country or even our entire country in devastating ways... war, nuclear attack, biological attack, loss of our freedoms, attacks on our rights, economic recession/depression, invasion, widespread looting, rioting, terrorism, breakdown of our society and more... would be beyond the scope of a simple prepaid insurance policy. Once the damage is done by any of these, it can not be recouped.

We are here to move from WORRYING about the future to ACTIVELY and SYSTEMATICALLY PREPARING for the future. Worrying about tomorrow will not solve anything. WORKING towards tomorrow WILL! Begin to form your plan to prepare you, your family and your team to face the perils of society that lie beyond today.

    So, could you survive TEOTWAWKI?

    It's not a spectator sport anymore.

Alpha/Rubicon.... the place for those who intend to survive the long haul with their family and team INTACT!


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