*Self-Storage Unit Auctions for Cheap Stuff*
By: TooshieGalore
08 July 2014

My sister rented a self-storage unit. While helping her haul stuff in, I happened to eye an auction in the unit across the aisle. That's cool, I thought, and called the manager to learn more. During the call he mentioned there would be another auction "tomorrow." I couldn't help myself I wanted to find if there were bargains to be had.

I only went to watch, not to bid. I promised Hubby that I was only going for the experience. But, there was this one unit that seemed like it might be "something." The bid was only $50 when I heard the auctioneer yell, "Going once, going twice..." I just couldn't help myself my hand flew up.

After paying my $50 I loaded up a big roll of chain link fence, a roll of razor wire, a nice, long, 12 gauge extension chord, a small chain saw and 100 ft of 5/8" galvanized chain with chain thingys on both ends. Already my car was loaded down. Called sister, she DID owe me a favor. Continued loading a set of lithium-battery power tools drill, circular saw, recip saw, light in a nice bag along with misc hand tools. 2 down-alternative sleeping bags in itty-bitty stuff bags, a tent, 2 mountain-bikes complete with saddle bags, lights and helmets and a bunch of army surplus stuff that I didn't know what it all was. Hauling my new treasures home, I grinned the entire way. I just couldn't help myself I knew Hubby would be thrilled.

Auctions occur because a unit renter goes delinquent. The self-storage company sells the contents to free up the space. If you decide to visit an auction go prepared for success:

I was lucky. I scored on my first adventure. If you've got an afternoon and an extra $50 you don't mind gambling, consider self storage unit auctions. But be warned you might not be able to help yourself!


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