*BackPack Cover*
By: Pike
27 March 2005

This will be a short article on a waterproof backpack cover either for an ALICE pack setup that you might use or like me I use a Kelty external frame backpack to carry my gear in when in the woods or on an extended patrol. On shorter patrols I just use a larger web vest and pack. Here in the North Woods of Idaho the weather can change on a dime for the worse and rain can be an uncomfortable problem if you are not dry, and all your gear is wet. I wrote this article after I had already made my pack cover over a year ago, so I will show you in the two attached pictures that it is easy to construct from a Poncho of the cammo pattern you choose that fits your area.

The poncho material is light strong and water resistant, so it is the best to use. I do not see any pack covers on the market for sale that are water resistant. So I made mine to fit my needs. Basically itís a large shower cap for your pack that just slips over the complete pack. I just cut the piece to size for the pack I use and allowed at least two inches more than needed so as to be able to sew in the 1"wide stretch latex rubber you can find at Wally World in the material department.

First size the rubber to your pack to be able to give it a good stretch fit to be able to hold itself over your complete pack on its own, then sew the rubber together with a good zig-zag stitch so it wonít come apart. Then fold over a lap seam with the rubber inside the poncho material and gather the material to be able to let the rubber slip inside the 2" seam to allow it to stretch. Do NOT sew the material to the rubber as it will not slip and stretch well. If in doubt get a shower cap and look at how its made :):)

This can be designed, laid out, cut, sewn up in a couple of hours which is what it took me. You could do the next one quicker once you see how its done, good luck and this design should keep your pack gear dry and clean in bad weather. Along with your wet weather gear of choice that will keep you comfortable and most of all ....DRY . . .

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