*Storage Solutions*
For Plastic Bags
By: Kirstin-in-KS
19 December 2011

Plastic bags from the grocery store have many uses and are worth keeping around, but they can be a pain to store. This handy little bag keeper can be made from an old bath towel and a pair of shoelaces and store hundreds of bags in a compact space.

Step 1: Fold over a short end approximately two inches and sew across the towel 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the edge. Repeat on the other end. This forms the casings for the ties you will put in later...

Step 2: With folded edges on the outside, fold towel in half lengthwise. Sew down the long side from the bottom of one casing to the bottom of the other. Do not sew the ends of the casings shut...

Step 3: Turn the tube inside out so the stitching is now on the inside.

Step 4: Run a shoelace through each casing. A bodkin works best for this, but a large safety pin will work too.

Step 5: Tie the shoelaces tight enough that bags stuffed in the tube won't fall out, but not so tight that you can't reach into the opening and pull out a bag or two when you need one.


Step 6: Hang the bag from one of the shoelaces. Scrunch bags up and stuff them in the top opening. When you need one, pull one out from the bottom...

(Note: you do not have to be precise in your measurements. The towel I used was no longer square and things did not line up perfectly. The final product is still very serviceable.)

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