*Side Post Battery Fix*
By: John1lt
30 June 2024

My pickup uses a side post battery and the positive side always seems to work it self loose. I can't take credit for this fix as I found it while looking for a solution to another problem on you tube. I did as the video showed and took a 3/8" bolt, the thickness and number of cable ends will determine the length of bolt you need, don't use too long a bolt as space tends to be limited on side post batteries and you don't want the positive side of the battery touching anything metal on the vehicle body.

You need a bolt long enough to hold the cable ends and have enough room for the nut to be backed down. I ran a nut up to the head of the bolt and replaced my side post battery bolt with this bolt, tight but don't strip the threads on the battery as those are made of lead. Then I turned the nut so it held the battery cables tight against the battery. The nut acts as a jamb nut preventing the bolt from loosening. I did this a couple of months ago and haven't had to re-tighten the bolt since.

Picture of when I finished. It only took a couple of minutes to complete

Picture of my original bolt; couldn't keep it tight

All I needed for this fix


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