*Test - One Week Of Nothing But Beans And Rice*
First Attempt
By: Thoth8
01 March 2011

I started out to test myself to see what itís like to just eat rice and beans (yes I know itís not really a complete protein) with no seasonings at first, just plain Jane. Well that was the plan anyway.

We have:

My plan was to eat a different bean every day and on the last day I planned to mix all the beans together in a bean soup. Things that needed to be soaked were soaked at night time on the day before. I then used the water to water the house plants. Then I refilled the crock pot and cooked the beans.

What did I learn from this?

Things that could have been done better?


I might try this again one day with full spices and adding things to the beans and rice to make it the best that I can.

But... Don't think that just because you have rice and beans you're good to go (at least not in my case). This just goes to prove... ďStore what you eatĒ.

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