*Filling Big Water Jugs*


By Jaden

Pix by Nerisa

19 October 2003


Do you have big water containers, but they donít fit under the kitchen sink? It takes a long time filling it with a pot.

Iíve had this high tech water jug-filling device for about 1 year. Itís so well designed that itís never failedÖ.batteries not included. Another Rubie came up with the idea too and did an article. Got thinking about it and decided to do one too. Hey, why not?

Anyway, the last time I checked gravity still worked so why not use it to fill jugs?

Like I saidÖ.high tech :o)

Went down to the local hardware store and bought a cheap plastic funnel and about 3í of clear plastic hose. Stick the funnel in the hose and now you have a high tech water jug-filling device.

With this sink it takes about 7-8 minutes to fill a 6-gallon jug. YMMV depending on your GPM, diameter of hose and vertical drop. It sure beats doing a water relay with a cooking pot any day.

Itís so easy even a BABY can use it!


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