*Thoughts About The "Great Blackout"*
By: Jaden
18 August 2003


Before During

Satellite Photo that I found on the Internet.

A few days ago Toronto, New York City, Detroit and some other cities experienced a major power outage. California had a major blackout in 2000 I believe it was. Anyway…I saw some pictures on the Internet of people in some cities who were piling into stores and climbing over each other to buy batteries for their flashlights. I heard of flashlights being sold for $15 and I’m sure that they were the cheapos that you can normal buy at Walmart for a couple of bux. This really bothered me.

We are just shy of the 2nd 9/11/01 anniversary. New York City took the majority of the hits that day. The entire world saw what a few trained and motivated people could do. The entire world saw the aftermath of these few people.

Why is it that this blackout sent people herding to buy batteries? Especially in the very place that was all but shut down on 9/11/01. Why wouldn’t people have some preparations? 2 years later people were not prepared for something as small as no power.

I also live in the North East. When I lose power it is no big deal. I just swap whatever I want over to batteries. I am a country dweller and am able to have solar energy.

I realize that city dwellers usually do not have the means that us county folks do. You can’t be sticking solar panels on your roof and batteries in your apartment. However YOU can store small things such as dry cell batteries, food, water and flashlights. When and if another situation like this happens again YOU will not be one of those who is out hoping that there is something left on the store shelves.

Electricity IS NOT a base of life. People lived just fine before electricity was discovered. Electricity is a convenience. It makes our lives easier, but should not be what is relied upon to keep us alive.

I suggest that you store as much as you can. For an apartment dweller here’s a few items I suggest: Don’t stop here. I refer you to ALL of the other articles here @ Alpha Disaster Contingencies.

Food/Water In the event of a power outage…eat your refrigerated foods first, then the frozen, then anything else.

Propane coleman stove and spare propane. CAUTION-Use only with adequate ventilation and know how to safely use the stove.

Flashlights and spare batteries & bulbs.

Matches/candles/lighters/kero lamps…again be SAFE!!

There are many more things that you can store. Only you know exactly what you need. This was not just a total freak thing folks. Something like this could easily happen again. A slight malfunction at a substation, a computer glitch and blammo….another black out.

Once you have preps…practice with them. Do you know how to use a Coleman stove safely? Do you even know how to change your flashlight bulb? Can you do it in the dark?

Facta Non Verba- Deeds Not Words


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