*Sharpening A Lawnmower Blade*


By Jaden

11 July 2004


I was mowing the lawn this morning and I noticed that the mower wasn’t cutting well. Obviously the blade was dull. Ok, no problem.

Took the mower over to the garage and tipped it up, sure enough the blade was duller than a plastic butter knife.

The first thing I did was disconnect the spark plug. This eliminates any possibility of the engine starting while working on the blade.

It can’t run now

The blade was in pretty rough shape, however there wasn’t a new one available so I opted just to sharpen this one to finish the lawn with.

I got a 5/8" socket and took the blade off.


This blade really needs replacement. The cutting edge is curved and has knicks. There was no edge, basically instead of cutting the grass, it just beat it. Both fins are broken off. The fins act like a fan. The cutting edge cuts the grass and then the fins blow the clippings out the chute.


Broken               What it should look like

Sorry about the blur, but notice the edge.

I fired up the bench grinder and started sharpening.


When using a grinder, be sure to wear eye protection.

The blade doesn’t have to be razor sharp. Try and get a nice even edge.

Then I put it back on the mower. I tightened the bolt as much as it would go. It needs to be tight or else the blade might come flying off…not good.

I finished the lawn and it cut better.


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