*Cashing in on Your Used Books*
By: NightHiker
03 February 2010

Although this is written from a homeschooler's perspective, I hope that anybody who finds they have books that they don't need can benefit from my experience.

Weíre a homeschool family (3 kids currently in grades 7 through 10) and we go through a LOT of books so I thought Iíd share some FNV experience concerning books - mainly what we do with those that we donít want to keep. Obviously reselling them makes a lot of sense but where you resell them can make a big difference in how much you can get for them. Here are a couple of ways we cash in on our excess books and the the pros & cons that we have discovered. Since details of everybody's situation are different, the pros & cons may vary.

Curriculum Fair- Our local homeschool group has an annual curriculum sale. Itís basically a huge yard sale for homeschoolers in our area Ė we put a price tag on our books, make a list and drop them off the day before the sale. When the sale is over we come back and pick up what didnít sell and the list of what did. They do all the work (apart from listing and labeling). About a week or so later we get a check from the group (after theyíve cashed all the checks they received) for the amount, minus 10% which goes to the homeschool group. Your local group(s) may do things differently, such as requiring you to man your table.

Last summer we took 193 books and sold a little more than half of them. We made $330.

Bookstore- The books that are leftover get taken to one of our local bookstores that will buy used books (we take ours to Hastings). Besides the leftover school books we also take in any other books that we want to get rid of. Theyíll scan the books and see if they want any of them. They may not need some of the books at that particular store at that particular time, those books eventually get taken to another Hastings or brought back there on our next trip.

Sometimes you will be given the option of getting cash or they will give you a little more for your book if youíll take it in an in-store credit instead. Shop around your local bookstores Ė find out which ones will buy used books, their policies and which ones offer an educators discount for homeschoolers (we get a 20% educators discount on purchase and when combined with the in-store credit we are able to get a little more milage out of our turn ins.

Last weekend we did some house cleaning and came up with several boxes of books, mostly childrenís picture books from when our kids were little but also quite a few from past book club memberships. We went in with 4 boxes of books and came out with 2 boxes and $110 on our Hastings card.

Internet- We quite doing this but since it IS an option I thought I should list it. In addition to the numerous online sites like e-bay and Craigslist there are hundreds of websites for homeschoolers that have some type of forum for buying, selling and/or trading your curriculum. We sold our books on a homeschool forum for a while and although it worked fine, as far as being able to sell our books for the price we wanted, we found that posting single books (or small bundles of books), monitoring emails and then packaging and mailing the books was just too time consuming. We also had several instances of buyers taking a very long time to submit their payment and a coupled of bounced checks.

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