*BOB Chainsaw*

By Jaden

06 March 2004

I carry a chainsaw in my Bug Out Bag, it works quite well and you can barely hear it running.

Not what you were expecting is it?

This saw straightens out to be about 2.5í long. Itís not sharp so cutting yourself isnít an issue. Well how does a dull saw cut wood?

It is a small chain that is wrapped with tiny pieces of wire. Yea, I know, sounds like a piece of junk. Those small wires eat away at the wood as you slide it through.

Today I went outside and with very little effort cut through a 3" diameter piece of pine in 30 seconds.


This little saw works awesome! Itís lightweight (a mere ounce, if that) and is flexible so you can stuff it anywhere in your BOB.

Thinking outside of the box creates another use for it. I successfully lit a match using it as a striker. I struck the match on the very end of the chain where the loop comes together. BONUS another way of lighting a fire!

You should be able to get these at about any outdoors store. I recommend having one (or more).


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