*Brain Candy In Your Food Storage*
Little Things That Will Mean A Lot
By: Osage
02 July 2009

It's late November in eastern Tennessee. That means it's dripping rain and 33 degrees at dawn. Nine months ago the secondary breadwinner of the household got cut back to 20 hours/week. Four months ago the primary breadwinner got cut back to 30 hours/week. Two months ago the secondary breadwinner got laid off.

Behind each of two doors in front of you are two different menus for the day.

Behind Door Number 1:

Behind Door Number 2:

What time of year did I say it was?? OK, which one sounds more like a Thanksgiving dinner to you??

In a situation where the world as we know it has ended (or at least taken a long leave-of-absence) we'll need to look after the emotional needs (and I mean needs) of our families. The difference between the two daily menus above is only:

1 Small Jar Strawberry Jam 1 Can Baking Powder
1 lb Butter-Flavor Crisco 1 Small Canned Ham
2 Cans Sweet Potatoes1 Box Brown Sugar
1 Small Can Pineapple Tidbits 2 Cans Lima Beans
1 Box No-Cook Cheesecake1 Can Cherry Pie Filling

or about $20 in Jun 2009! If the world is getting nasty for you & your family, that may very well be the smartest $20 you've spent in a long time.

I heartily recommend you look at a few items you can inexpensively add to your food preps which will make a tremendous difference in your family's emotional health. Here are some things we do in addition to the Thanksgiving dinner above:

Get inventive; you know what works for you. Think about this and you'll come up with great ideas.


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