What to do with your spare bricks
By: Ian
28 June 2003

I have always thought that it was wise to have a few bricks about the place and have had a small ‘plinth’ of spare bricks ‘just in case’ in a corner of the garden for many years.

Yesterday some nameless (and unfortunately unidentifiable) vandals destroyed our front garden wall causing a few thousand pounds worth of damage. Today in tidying up I discovered that the bricks cleaned up easily and a couple of hours with a bolster and a clump hammer left me with a couple of hundred clean, tidy, bricks, not enough to rebuild with as the colour would be different, but too good to throw away

160 were dry laid (without cement) to produce a corner stand for the hibachi, which can now be used with ease and when required the bricks are available. The stand could of course be larger or longer to store more bricks in an orderly and useful way.

If you wish to copy, ensure the bricks are keyed to each other in a bricklayers bond (look at a wall as an example). Mine is stable and will withstand a couple of heavy kicks with ease. Also, ensure that the BGs out there do not have access to a supply of window breaking ammunition (although I doubt that they would recognise that the bricks are dry laid but you never know)



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