*How it All Came About*

By Eli

21 February 2003


Ever since I was a kid, emergency preparedness has been instilled into my head. I was a Cub Scout, a Boy Scout and am an Eagle Scout. Everywhere I looked I was being pushed towards emergency preparedness.

In July 2002 I was brought onboard the Rubicon. I spent many hours reading the boards and articles and thinking, "this is too cool". I couldnít believe all of the technology and the brains there were and the family type atmosphere. I was amazed. Everything I learned in the BSA and other places didnít even compare.

So, here I am-

This is going to be an article series. If everything were in one article itíd be l-o-n-gggg.

Hereís whatís been bought & accomplished since July:

Food & water

Alt energy, lights & heating



Fuel storage

Some rough ideas on time & money spent-

Food= $700 Needs to be rodent proofed, labeled and organized

$10 Wally world special storage shelf

Water= $15 Purchased some containers-actual water is free! ;o)

Energy= $500 Batteries

$15 Connectors

$15 DC switches

$140 Charge controller

$552 Siemens solar panels

$10 Hydrometer

$70 #4 gauge wire (for panels)

$65 300 watt inverter

$85 Gasoline stores (primarily for genset)

$20 Oil, spark plugs & general maintenance supplies

$20 Extension cords

Lighting= $30 Kerosene lamps

$20 Extra kero & wicks

$20 Lots of candles

Heating= $50 New 20lb propane tank & fill-already have a Mr. Heater

Cookiní= Already have a Coleman stove-bought some more cylinders

Commo=$440 Additional radios

ALICE= $70 2 ALICE packs


Estimate= $250-300 smackers for odds & ends. Tools, spare parts etc.

GRAND TOTAL= $3147 +/-


Everything had to be set up, organized, labeled, tested, built, revised or otherwise. Iíve spent many hours reading articles and asking questions. Iíve spent many hours typing articles and trying to give back as much as I can to the Rubicon.

I estimate 400 man-hours of work, many of which JW had part of.

The above is all just preparations. It doesnít include rent, truck payments and all of the other illustrious bills. Iíve spent most of my free time preparing. Most all of my left over money has also gone into preps. Iím about broke, but not in the hole.

Survivalism doesnít happen overnight, it takes time, dedication, research, planning and practice!!!! Your imagination is the limitÖbut is it? In the case of Rubies, there is no limit. A group the size of the Rubicon has a lot of experience and can think up & do lots of things.

BTW- When we work we always listen to good music. My real friends help me out a lot. JW spends a lot of time at the house. Weíre both musicians so ya gotta goof around some!



The following articles are not "how to do"; they are a quick run down of what Iíve *weíve* accomplished and a little on how it was done. Hopefully you can apply some of the info from us towards your survival preparations.

"Iíll get by with a little help from my friends"- The Beetles

Itís totally up to you what you want to prepare for and how to do it.


Onto the other articles-


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